Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cabin Fever

Hey, I'm doing the one thing that I know my blog-skilled sisters thought I would never do--create another post. Sure, it took four weeks, but hey......

Summer always brings tidings of joy around here. Dad's work slows down a bit, the kids are out of school, and Mom can focus on all the local theme parks, Lori's pool, and fun with the kids.

One of the most enjoyable things we do as a family in the summer is travel just over the Arkansas border to Justin and Sara's cabin. The kids have a blast playing with a number of their friends and taking rides on one of the many 4 wheelers and bicycles available. They really enjoy getting a ride on Jason's Razor. Jason is somewhat of a "Crocodile Hunter meets Evil Knievel".

Mom is giving Owen and Clara a ride in this picture.

I have no idea what issue Clara is addressing in this picture but she appears to possess a definitive opinion on the matter!Owen and his good friend Gavin share, well, something. Once again, I would love to know what they are thinking.....or even saying sometimes.

Boudreaux was his typical self....working the crowd.

Gigi may have the best time of anyone when we venture outdoors. She is adventurous and fearless.